How To Create A Month's Worth Of Tweets In Just 15 Minutes (with Tweet Hunter And AI)

Get an inside look at this simple system on how to create 30 tweets in just 15 minutes.

How To Create A Month's Worth Of Tweets In Just 15 Minutes (with Tweet Hunter And AI)
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Get an inside look at this simple system on how to create 30 tweets in just 15 minutes.
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How To Create A Month's Worth Of Tweets In Just 15 Minutes (with Tweet Hunter And AI)
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Twitter content writing has changed dramatically since AI was introduced.
Tweets are the lifeblood of the platform, and writing them is now easier than ever thanks to AI…if you know how.
You can't just turn on a Chat app and ask it to write 10 tweets for you. The results will be mediocre at best.
But done the right way? You can get a month's worth of content in just 15 minutes. And that’s what we’ll show you today.
Let’s dive in!

The System: Overview

Our goal is to create high-quality tweets as fast as possible. This is now doable with the help of AI and the system we’ll cover in this article. Here’s an overlook of the said system:
  • Start from specific problems. We’ll start by identifying the most common problems our target audience faces
  • Write content that solves those problems with the help of AI
  • Tweak that content until it’s ready to be published
Sounds simple right? That’s because it is. Let’s take a look at the HOW.
Writer’s note: We used Tweet Hunter’s Chat AI Assistant exclusively to write this blog post. Give it a try for free here.

Step #1: Start with the problem/pain point

The best way to create engaging content is to solve your audience’s problems. But before we get to the actual problems, we need to identify WHO our target audience is.
The clearer we get on these, the better the results we’ll get.
For this article, we’ll work with this target audience: entrepreneurs who want to build a personal brand on Twitter.
Our advice to pick yours: Look for a specific audience (entrepreneurs) with a specific goal (build a personal brand on Twitter). You’ll get better results with the AI.
And now let’s get to the problems.
Go to our Chat AI Assistant. Once opened, click on Actions Library and open the “Get topic ideas for my tweets toggle. Then, click on “Find audience Pain points” 👇
notion image
The Chat Assistant will give you a prompt.
Tweak that prompt to change 5 for 30 and [target audience] for yours. Then, click enter. Our Chat AI Assistant will help us come up with a list of pain points/problems the target audience we specified has 👇
notion image
We now have 30 tweet topics. This is our starting point. Now let’s start writing.

Step #2: Write the content

There are many ways you could approach the content creation part.
To keep it simple, we will narrow it down to tweets and 2 types of content. These will be actionable (how-tos) and inspirational.
These content types are very popular on Twitter, so it feels like a good starting point for our content writing.
At this moment, you can select any of the ideas and ask our Chat Assistant to turn them into an actionable post or inspirational post. For the sake of the example, we’ll take the first 15 ideas and turn them into actionable posts, and the last 15 ideas and turn them into inspirational posts.
These are the simple prompts we’ll be using:
Actionable content prompt: From the topic list, take idea #(insert idea number) and turn it into an actionable type of tweet (how to)
An example with our #1 idea “Now knowing where to start on Twitter” 👇
notion image
For the inspirational type of content, this is the prompt we’ll be using:
Inspirational content prompt: From the list above, turn idea #(insert idea number) into an inspirational type of tweet for (your target audience + goal)
An example with our #15 idea “Finding ways to stand out” 👇
notion image
To speed up the process, you can ask the Chat Assistant to write all the tweets at the same time. Here’s the prompt we’ve used for that:
From the topic list, take ideas from #1 to #14 and turn each of them into a single, actionable type of tweet (how to)
After you go through this process, you’ll have 30 tweet drafts almost ready to go, written in two different post styles and in less than 5 minutes. What’s missing?

#3 - Improve the content

The next step is to tweak those tweets to be ready to go. There are a few things you can do to tweak them further. The two most important are:
  • Change the tone
  • Change the format
If you open the Actions library and the “Improve generated content” toggle, you’ll find both options. Let’s start with the tone.
The tone can say a lot about how a tweet is perceived. Depending on who your audience is, you can make them more or less formal, bolder, casual…
In this example, we took our tweet #14 and asked the Chat Assistant to make it more “casual”:
notion image
This is the prompt we used:
Re-write number (tweet list number) using a more casual tone
For different results, change casual for the tone you’d like to achieve.
Another thing you can do is play with the format. To do so, you can ask the Chat Assistant to make your tweets more concise, longer, add blank spaces…
notion image
Especially when playing with the format, sometimes the results won’t be the most accurate, so be patient. This is the part of the system that can take you more time, but once you figure it out, it will be way easier.
In general, most of the tweets that the Chat Assistant will create in the first place will be good enough to go, but it’s always good if you try to tweak them and make them better.

Next steps: Schedule

Once you’ve completed this process, you’ll have 30 tweets ready to be posted. 30 tweets that address a problem our target audience faces and cover a range of topics within the same niche.
The next step is to get them scheduled. Schedule 1 for each day and you’ll have a month's worth of content. In just 15 minutes! Not bad, huh?
Let us know if you have any doubts or suggestions on how to use this system. We are here to help!

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