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✅ Reached $15,000+ MRR w/ 484 customers after 4 weeks with t.co/TfOesx9s6e, my new synthetic photo studio: 💸 $4,314/mo total costs 💳 $15,117/mo total revenue 💰 $10,774/mo profit These are 100% synthetic AI models and do not exist 🦾 t.co/Gg1wHFTRuv t.co/HmVci0ViSs

12 days ago

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📸 TikTok vids of t.co/TfOesx9s6e FINALLY showing up now, this one really nice and got 33,000 likes 🤯 Thanks @rileybrown_ai ❤️ t.co/8C6dEFL87g t.co/ekvL9qmr7O

12 days ago

✨ Added [ 🦾 Auto detect prompt ] to t.co/TfOesx9s6e which auto writes the prompt for the image you upload This improves the photo results a lot as Stable Diffusion then has both 1) image input and 2) text description to understand what you're going for t.co/SJAwnHeY4d

13 days ago

Setting up @getRewardful affiliate program for Photo AI seems to be working Seeing lots more posts about it now, before was just med: t.co/xbDDtRfjhs t.co/HK6gLjGJHk

13 days ago

✨ You can now imitate any @Unsplash photo you want on t.co/TfOesx9s6e 🦾 Use the gallery search box, choose any of your trained AI models (like me) and it takes a synthetic photo like it Now live! t.co/f7TbXDuVeB

13 days ago

Next taboo issue that will change society drastically once it surfaces Similar to nomading 10y ago Has all the requirements: - controversial topic - data repeatedly shows what ppl rly do/think is highly different than what society accepts now - fringe subcultures already active t.co/cZbo8YHf2e

14 days ago

✨ Added data on female genital mutilation to Nomad List, in some places up to 97% of women suffer this fate This + [ 🏥 Legal abortion ] + [ 🌈 Legal gay marriage ] + [ 🍃 Legal weed ] = good proxy of a country's development t.co/QY4vwfVjf2 Thx @V_Seehausen for idea t.co/MXC0LrDSH4

14 days ago

Any way to prevent abuse of this btw? I'm affiliate noob t.co/S5N0gJvHyt

15 days ago

If I was just out of school or university and wanting to bootstrap my own startup today, I'd do the exact same thing I did 10 years ago: ✈️ Fly to Bangkok Sleep for $5/night, eat for $3/day = spend ~$240/mo $3,000 of savings will give you 1 year of runway t.co/2bFr1TAIfl

16 days ago

I think this guy just coined the term for this new industry "Synthetic Photography" t.co/v29kSNvCBP

17 days ago