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āœØ Added data on female genital mutilation to Nomad List, in some places up to 97% of women suffer this fate This + [ šŸ„ Legal abortion ] + [ šŸŒˆ Legal gay marriage ] + [ šŸƒ Legal weed ] = good proxy of a country's development Thx @V_Seehausen for idea

*me taking any opportunity to shill Thailand* Thailand is very close to legalizing gay marriage which would make it the first country in Asia legalizing abortion AND weed AND gay marriage and probably the most modern place in Asia to live

My Dutch culture is leaking here probably and they're controversial topics (not for me though?) But I strongly believe that everyone should do and be whatever they want without affecting other ppl's freedoms Legalizing all these seems obvious to me

The word "progressive" has been tainted by SJWs since 2016, and it's sad because now you have lots of ppl who used to be for but are now against these freedoms But they're basic fundamental freedoms, be whoever you wanna be, do whatever you wanna do if it doesn't hurt others etc

This whole push for traditionalism and family values, nice but it's just an anti cycle against SJW and again another extreme, anyway sorry to go political :D

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