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✨ Added PNG, WebP, HEIC support to t.co/ll0YGEo53Z, they all now get converted to JPGs to send to Dreambooth Also added auto scaling of input pics if tiny to bigger, and next is adding auto cropping of input pics with face detection, which will all improve the outputs!

13 days ago

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✨ Working hard on making t.co/ll0YGEo53Z more photorealistic, here's some results that are live now! t.co/76ElC3FAmO

16 days ago

"You're just lucky" t.co/v4hObUe5lj

17 days ago

18 days ago

Any way to get the product / items list in Stripe via API? I need to distinguish between the diff versions of product (regular, HD, 4K) and set it in the db via Stripe webhooks I don't see any product item in - checkoutSession - paymentIntent - charge t.co/HWaXxhgcza

18 days ago

👨 One of nicest people I met in this AI journey is @bfirsh from t.co/fSDAEpseeY His platform helps people run AI models in the cloud. And he helps everyone getting things running Seeing my code full of stupid bugs, he says "you're not stupid, we should improve that" ☺️

19 days ago

✨ Sold $100,000 (USD) in AI-generated avatars with t.co/ke5EmXOIES since launching 10 days ago! 💳 2,943 sales @ avg of $33 per sale 💝 AMA t.co/OPJF9XfOqy t.co/eVm3FZ9n3g

20 days ago

Another feature for @patrickc that seems quite easy to build but doesn't exist is @Stripe dashboard mobile view for web It looks like pic 1 now but maybe shd look more like pic 2 on mobile It'd take just some @media (max-width:) queries t.co/tLCccDGUxI t.co/zC3mW6sW6d

21 days ago

My favorite thing about Portuguese businesses: me: *asks for anything* PT staff: that's.....very....difficult....no Imagine if Stripe Checkout was purposely filled with random errors and it reduces conversion 10x, that's Portuguese businesses!

22 days ago