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I’m setting up some fresh wallets tonight and treating this migration as a clean slate to explore ETH & Polygon. This time I’m going to do it different. Only collecting quality NFTs for the long term.

about 20 hours ago

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Honestly, I was worried this wasn’t going to be controversial enough. Glad to see it’s working! t.co/NQes8gQwPk

about 24 hours ago

y00ts. polygon. march 27th.

1 day ago

if there is anyone in the world that can bring value to mfing fishing rods it’s this bozo t.co/aWlysqZm8U

2 days ago

Let @LucaNetz cook t.co/PWnSDgDfze

2 days ago

I 100% agree with the thesis that @LucaNetz is "the 24 year old version of the Dos Equis guy" t.co/aerxNzIo9p

5 days ago

Make sure you have your DeGods/y00ts accessible until at least the end of Q1 2023.

5 days ago

Over the last few weeks, I've realized that a lot of people in the Ethereum ecosystem honestly have no idea about DeGods.

6 days ago

Technically, BTC DeGods is the #1 NFT on Bitcoin at this point… but waiting to expand the gap before making a big deal about it.

6 days ago

People thought that we were just going to stop talking about BTC DeGods after the mint… Those people have no idea.

9 days ago