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Loopin is the meeting assistant with AI technology that can record, transcribe and summarize meetings: [img:vid-GK2837PJy]

about 7 hours ago

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πŸ’¬Prompt: A picture of orbiting planets, in the style of dimensional multilayering, science academia, ray tracing, spiral group, light orange and dark cyan, detailed attention, celestialpunk 5 Examples + a bonus: [img:OZLsUOKSA]

1 day ago

πŸ’¬ AI can spell perfectly with @StabilityAI's DeepFloyd IF Prompt: A chalkboard with "I can spell" written on it with colorful chalk. [img:xgMZTKMAB]

4 days ago

πŸ‘‰ Quick Prompt Tip: Simple color prompts in Midjourney ( 5 Examples ) πŸ”Έ Prompt: πŸ’™ πŸ”΅ πŸ”· blue sky, blue dreams [img:1VvCJPTsN]

4 days ago

πŸ‘‰ Quick Prompt Tip Try this super-short prompt for amazing images: "AI, fashion, profile" ( 9 examples ) [img:a_UZw6164]

4 days ago

Save time researching content topics with an AI-generated article from Chord. This crowdsourced recommendations tool uses AI to find relevant, high-quality discussions to create custom articles in 1-2 minutes. (Link on next page) [img:gif-R8d6qGGiB]

6 days ago

I love using Prompt Hunt to generate AI images with templates, like my 80's Style Wallpaper: @PromptHunt [img:gif-fh9CINrWM]

6 days ago

Transcribe audio-to-text quickly with Rythmex. AI generates a timestamped transcription with speaker titles for easy editing. Export a Word doc, .txt, .srt file, or shareable URL. The link is on the next page: [img:vid-fFOkmQVjK]

8 days ago

πŸ‘‰Quick Prompt Tip: "Cybernetic enigma, side profile, synthwave flowerpunk, psychedelic vector art" Credit: @Ishouldtrythat1 [img:mLeJSPsUm]

8 days ago

πŸ‘‰ Quick Prompt Share: Flowers splash paint, 3D, in graffiti art style UHD 5 Examples: [img:oX7SwjKtz]

11 days ago