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💠FLOURESCENT MOSAIC💠 I got this gorgeous prompt from @ralphlentjes: [SUBJECT] in a Fluorescent mosaic, dynamic panorama of angular shapes their borders radiating a rainbow of hues amidst a dimmed setting --ar 7:4 More examples below: [img:eBElQhL8e]

5 days ago

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I'm obsessed with @Magnific_AI by @javilopen's incredible image enhancement and reimagination capabilities. Make drastic changes to character's facial features to fit the setting and tone. This is optimized for Science Fiction & Horror with higher Creativity settings: [img:vid-sJCUa4_0y]

6 days ago

Tired of AI art platforms with monthly subscriptions, throttling and credit systems limiting your creativity? Generaitiv offers unlimited free generations and more: @generaitiv [img:laJZdzKY7]

7 days ago

Now you can get visual answers in Perplexity with images and videos: @perplexity_ai [img:vid-6PQvh0j4m]

7 days ago

🎇ACTION SCENE: Rugged Landscape🎇 Comparing results for the same prompt from 4 generators: [img:3C8ZAwLQd]

8 days ago

Join us Friday w/ @getremixai's Michael Dougherty and our panel: @saana_ai @spacecasetay @thatroblennon @Salmaaboukarr @LinusEkenstam & many more. Topics: OpenAI news, GitHub Copilot, multi-modal use cases, @grok & @xai's PromptIDE Set a reminder 👇 twitter.com/i/spaces/1DXxyjkqDBWKM

23 days ago

🌸 INK IN WATER REFLECTIONS 🌸 Comparing 6 Image Generators [img:tEP30eTf3]

24 days ago

🎆 ACTION SCENE 🎆 👉PROMPT: A powerful [old-school] [muscle car] with chrome details thundering down an empty city street at night, streetlights streaking overhead. [img:ZrN702IMD]

24 days ago

🔥FIRE IN WATER🔥 PROMPT: Use red, orange, and yellow inks to recreate the effect of fire and capture the dual nature of flames as they reflect on the water, creating a visual of fire and water in unison [img:n0GjUWULW] [img:_DSG81q8i] [img:UVPc4Xq7V] [img:339KUo6uQ]

24 days ago

👉Prompt Share: Surreal female face with high-contrast lighting. [img:yOF3Bximn]

25 days ago