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I love the way Midjourney's Style Reference applies a consistent style to results. I'll show you how in the thread: [img:eRM9PJaVZ] [img:nNJK50_iq] [img:fq1dz3A4g] [img:VPWI3mWqM]

11 days ago

Read it

🌠The new Deforum Studio is available on the easy-to-use web app and Discord. Features include: • 3 aspect ratios • 15-second videos • 50 motion presets • 75 Prompt styles Check it out @deforum_art [img:vid-QTneeVGr_]

13 days ago

✨LeiaPix just added several new 3D animation features New Presets: • Dolly, multiple Zoom & • Zoom, Zoom Left, Right & Center • Custom for manual settings I used the Dolly preset to animate my Midjourney image: @LeiaInc [img:vid-2Pl5AtvZs]

14 days ago

Goodbye Bard. Hello Gemini! Google rebranded Bard to 'Gemini', launched Gemini Advanced and the Gemini App: [img:vid-wmOoNMhAt]

14 days ago

Google's ImageFX lets you experiment with different prompt ideas using "expressive chips" to iterate concepts while you work. Watch how I changed elements of this prompt from @ralphlentjes: [img:vid-bwDL_HDhf]

17 days ago

I love the idea of consistent styles, but I can't stop experimenting with different combinations of Style References in Midjourney V6! I used a prompt from @LudovicCreator & @cure4hayley with different image urls to generate some amazing results: (Prompt in ALT) [img:79PxHAn1b]

18 days ago

Fishbowl 🫧 @KaiberAI [img:vid-k-0cQGvBg]

19 days ago

✨STYLE CONSISTENCY: Midjourney Style Reference These results will blow your mind: [img:rGRm05zsN]

20 days ago

🎇 Inpainting is on the Midjourney alpha website! You can use the alpha website if you've generated 5k or more Midjourney images. Details and link in the thread👇 [img:vid-Y36qSk2gH]

21 days ago

🎆 ACTION SCENE 🎆 Futuristic Underground Tunnel Race: (Prompt in thread) [img:jj_GXIv5i]

22 days ago