From Zero to 177,000: The Clint Murphy Twitter Success

Clint Murphy is a CFO of a real estate development company with 177,000 followers on Twitter.

From Zero to 177,000: The Clint Murphy Twitter Success
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Getting to 200K On Twitter with Clint Murphy (@IAmClintMurphy)
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From Zero to 177,000: The Clint Murphy Twitter Success
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Clint Murphy is the CFO of a real estate development company. He is also a father to two young boys (14 and 11), a husband, a writer, podcast host, and real estate investor.
One of his exciting achievements:
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You can find him on his Twitter @IamClintMurphy or his brand new website:
Find clint on his Twitter @IamClintMurphy
Find clint on his Twitter @IamClintMurphy

What do you sell?

Currently, I only provide free content on Twitter and my website but we will be launching some products in the New Year:
  • In January, I’ll launch Beyond the Numbers with my good friend Kurtis Hanni, another CFO. Beyond the Numbers is a corporate finance course for entrepreneurs, founders and senior leaders.
  • In February, I’m excited to launch the Twitter Growth Academy with my good friends Kurtis Hanni and Steve Adcock. Our goal is to create the most valuable Twitter Growth course for CEOs, Founders and Entrepreneurs to build and monetize 100,000+ high-value audiences.
Two more projects are coming in 2023, but we’ll save those for later.
If you want free content, check out Clint’s Podcast - The Pursuit of Learning where he interviews authors on topics across personal, professional and financial growth.
If you want to learn how to grow on Twitter from Clint Murphy, you can find him here

What’s the story behind your personal brand?

Personal brand is such an interesting concept and I’ve built mine around what I do and what I’ve done in life to have a level of authenticity I think you should have in your work and brand.
For example, some of my achievements include:
  • Being a CFO
  • Being a multi-millionaire
  • Growing to 200,000+ on social media
  • Completing Ironman and ultramarathons
This allows me to write about areas I intend to monetize and be trusted:
  • Personal Finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Building a Personal Brand
  • Getting hard sh!t done
Clint Murphy on how to determine your brand:
When determining what your brand will be, ask yourself: 1. What do you love to write about 2. What have you achieved in your life 3. What’s a unique story you can tell others Ideally, you’re able to blend authenticity, personality and authority into a package your audience resonates with.
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How long have you been on Twitter?

I started on Twitter again in May of 2021 to promote my Podcast, resurrecting an old and small account.
In August, I started taking it seriously and started taking a number of classes and reading a lot of content:
  • Create, Publish, Profit
Along the way, I continued to write every single day for 1+ years and at one point wrote a thread per day for 70+ days to improve my thread writing.
At some point, what started as Podcast promotion became the Thing and it started to open my eyes to what potential could be.

How did you manage to achieve 177,000 Followers?

The greatest driver of the growth to 177,000 has been:
  • Content
  • Relationships and
  • Consistency
You can be the best writer on Twitter, but if nobody sees your content, it’s irrelevant.
You can be a decent writer and use the best relationships and networks but it won’t go far.
“To succeed at a high level you need a blend of content, relationships and last of all consistency.”
By writing every day for over a year, I was able to start to understand what resonates with my audience in a way that I could replicate over and over.
By spending time with people creating at a similar level, and often much higher, I was able to learn from them how I could improve my content and writing.

What’s your advice for someone who wants to build a Twitter audience from scratch?

Join us in the Twitter Growth Academy!
That clear answer aside, I’d suggest they write daily and build relationships on the platform.
As part of that: follow large accounts in their niche and engage on a regular basis with their content while learning.

Do you have any tweet or tweets that we can embed in the interview as an example of the above?

Here are three that I wrote in the last two weeks on self-development, personal finance and corporate finance:

In your personal case, how do you use TweetHunter?

Tweethunter is where I’ve written every day for the last year.
I write all my Tweets and Threads in Tweethunter and I’ll often grab content from the Sent Folder that did well and put it back in drafts to reuse later.
When I have ideas throughout the day, I’ll throw them into Tweethunter and save them as drafts to come back to later.
I need to improve on my usage of the interface for engagement for accounts I follow or have on Lists, which is a To Do that I will work on before the year ends.
Here’s how you can do this on TweetHunter:
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What are your favorite features of TweetHunter?

For me, it’s the drafts (all my writing) and the delete retweets to keep my timeline clean.

What feature would you like TweetHunter to have that it doesn’t yet?

If we could post our Threads to Carousels for LinkedIn and Instagram that would be legendary.
To be able to grab a Sent Tweet, turn it into a draft, and be able to edit it with 1-click would be next level.

Are there any other creators you recommend studying to learn to build a Twitter audience?

Some of the ones I study are:
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A word for other creators:

Don’t do this for money. Do it for fun and money will be a side result.
Twitter is a great place to learn, make friends, and build your best life.

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