Cross-Promotions on Twitter: How to Collaborate with Other Creators

Cross-promotions are a thing for blogs and newsletters…or are they? Learn how to cross-promote on Twitter with other creators.

Cross-Promotions on Twitter: How to Collaborate with Other Creators
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Cross-promotions are a thing for blogs and newsletters…or are they? Learn how to cross-promote on Twitter with other creators.
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Cross-Promotion on Twitter: How to Collaborate with Other Creators
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Cross promotions are not something new.
It comes from the times when blogging was the hot thing and bloggers used to do “guest blog posts” so they would be exposed in front of a different audience.
It’s also very common among newsletter writers. These writers exchange short blurbs of each other's newsletter and share them with their respective lists. This leads new audiences to your content.
It’s also a great way to build relationships with fellow creators, which poses the question: Is it possible to do these cross-promotions on Twitter?
Let’s find out!

The benefits of cross-promotion on Twitter

Twitter is a networking-based platform. And as such it provides an excellent opportunity for cross-promotions. This is how collaborating with other creators could benefit you:
  1. Reach a wider audience: When you cross-promote with another creator, you get exposed to their audience. This helps you reach more people that are interested in similar topics to the ones you talk about but that might not know you yet.
  1. Borrow” their credibility: When you work with other creators in your niche, you also earn part of their credibility. If they vouch for you, there must be a reason, right?
  1. Build relationships: By working with other creators, you get to build new relationships with like-minded people. This often leads to future collaborations, shoutouts, and many other opportunities down the line.

How to find and collaborate with other creators

Finding other creators to collaborate with is not as hard as it seems. Here’s the how-to 👇

Step 1: Identify potential collaborators.

The first step is to look for other creators in your niche or industry with a similar audience to yours.
The most organic way to approach this is to go to someone you see as a reference on your niche, then see who they follow. These can be bigger but also smaller accounts. Also, if someone respectable in your niche follows them, it adds credibility to their quality as creators.

Step 2: Put them on a Twitter list then keep track with Tweet Hunter’s CRM feature

A Twitter list combined with Tweet Hunter’s CRM feature works wonderfully for what we are about to do on the next point. So, once you’ve identified these creators, put them on a Twitter list so you can keep track of them.

Step 3: engage with them before making your pitch

You could reach out directly and pitch a collaboration, but it’s better to engage with their content a few times before. The reason?
See what their audience’s response is to your content. If there’s good alignment, your replies and engagements with them will get attention. If not, it’s a sign that it might not be the best fit for a collaboration.

Step 4: Reach out and pitch your idea

Now you just need to DM the creators that seem a better fit. Keep it transparent and authentic and make your pitch. For some extra advice, here’s how to send Twitter DMs that don’t get ignored.
But what should you pitch them? See the next point for ideas.

Cross-promotion ideas and examples

These are some ideas and examples of creators who have cross-promoted on Twitter:

Retweet each other

The easiest way to show your support for another creator is to retweet each other. Now, you should only do this if you really think the content will be valuable for your audience.
Don’t become a retweeting machine or you’ll dilute your content.
Pro tip: ask your creator peers to RT the tweet within the first hour, so the chances of getting picked by the algorithm are higher.

Collaborative tweets

Twitter rolled out co-tweets a while ago:
notion image
While it’s not a widely used feature, it can be a low-effort, low-friction way to start collaborating with another creator.

Collaborative threads

Writing a thread in partnership with another creator is also low friction, but it can yield great results. Just look 👇
One might argue that this example is easier because it’s a combination of someone that does text plus someone that does visuals.
If you are two creators who both rely on written content, an alternative could be guest threads:
Maybe you are someone with a bigger following but in need of fresh content. Or you are someone with great ideas but that lack some distribution.
Either way, this is a win-win for both creators!

Do a joint giveaway

A giveaway is also a low-effort, high returns type of bet. Maybe one of you has a lead magnet to share, or you could create something together.
Then use whoever has more audience to do the giveaway. Follow the tips here to maximize engagement.

Jump on a Twitter Spaces

A good idea could be to do a joint Q&A session so both your audiences can ask you questions. You could also focus on covering one specific topic.

Before we leave

Cross-promoting on Twitter is an effective way to grow your audience. Working with other creators in your niche will help you reach more people, build trust and, above all, make meaningful connections.
Now you are ready to jump on the cross-promotion train. But before we leave, here are our last two pieces of advice:
  1. Make it valuable for your audience: Only promote content that you genuinely believe in and that you think your audience will enjoy. Otherwise, you risk losing credibility.
  1. Align the cross-promotions with your brand and message: When collaborating with other creators, make sure that their content aligns with your brand values and messaging. This will help you maintain consistency in your message and avoid confusing your audience.
Cross-promotions are a win-win, so why not give them a try?

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