5 Proven Tips for Brand Collaborations on Twitter

Discover the benefits of Twitter brand collaboration to reach new audiences, boost credibility and go viral.

5 Proven Tips for Brand Collaborations on Twitter
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Twitter brand collaboration: reach new audiences and go viral. Tips to pitch your idea, find collaborators, and promote it.
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5 Proven Tips for Successful Twitter Brand Collaborations
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No matter how big a brand is, through effective collaboration with other businesses, it will always be bigger.
If you have a brand and you’re looking for ways to build a reputation, reach a wider audience and even drive more traffic, then you can leverage Twitter brand collaboration.
Whether you‘re a micro-influencer with a small audience, a creator, or a small business, I’ll show you how you can make Twitter a revenue-driving machine by collaborating with Twitter brands.
Before that, here’s why collaborating on Twitter should be a no-brainer for your brand.
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Why is Twitter collaboration important for you as a Brand?

  1. It helps you explore new opportunities with a new audience. Twitter brand collaboration gives you visibility to an entirely new audience and this is a gateway to new opportunities for your brand to explore.
  1. Boost in Credibility: People trust who they know. As a brand, when you collaborate with other brands, their credibility rubs off on you earning you the trust of their audience.
When looking to connect with a new customer segment, improving brand awareness through strategic collaborations will go a long way.
  1. It Creates buzz, and, can help you go viral.
Twitter brand collaboration can create a real buzz for both brands. When the power of a brand is doubled or tripled, it’s only natural that the customer base of each will take notice.

How to collaborate as a Brand on Twitter

Finding the perfect brand is not a walk in the park. A poor collaboration might damage the trust your audience has in you and can ruin your brand reputation.
Take a cue from these 5 proven tips;

1. Identify Potential Collaborators (brands and influencers)

You cannot collaborate with just any brand. If the goals and interests of the audience don’t align, they’ll be thrown off and it will be a loss for both brands.
The first step is to look for brands that have audiences with similar interests to yours. You can read this up to know how to find your Twitter niche.
A good example to picture it better could be a travel tour company that can collaborate with a suitcase brand. See? It’s easier than what you thought!

2. Map out your goals for collaborating

A good Twitter collaboration strategy will include the goals you want to achieve from the collaboration. Do you want more visibility, virality, or conversion?
The goal you want to achieve will determine the brand you reach out to.

3. Reach out and pitch your idea

All you need is to send a DMs stating your intentions.
Due to the volume of Dms they might get, you’d like to know how to send Twitter Dms that don’t get ignored.

4. Choose the right type of collaboration

Here are a few types of collaboration you can have on Twitter:
Sponsored content: You can collaborate with a Twitter influencer and request a shoutout or direct promotional content from them. This can be a value-for-value exchange or a money-for-value exchange. It is a plus if the Twitter influencer already believes in your product.
Twitter spaces: You can jump on Twitter spaces with another brand to interact with your audiences. The followers of both brands get notified when the Twitter space is live. This is one good way to build a relationship.

5. Promote your collaboration

Once you've created your collaborative content, it's important to promote it on Twitter to maximize engagement and reach. It's also important to engage with your audience and respond to any comments or feedback that you receive. If needed, try Twitter Ads.

6. Track and evaluate your collaboration

After your collaboration is complete, it's important to track and evaluate its success. This will help you understand what worked well and what you could improve for future collaborations.
You can run a Twitter audit to know your best performance.

Examples of Big and Small Twitter Brand Collaborations

1. Pepsi halftime show collaboration

Pepsi turned @Jlo and @Shakira’s sizzling performance into an interactive experience.
Fans got a chance to Tweet their predictions for how the top-secret performance would come alive, guessing everything from the number of backup dancers to the chance of a special guest performer.
Tweeting a correct pick scored fans big prizes throughout the game. It also drove a trial of their Pepsi Zero Sugar product. Twitter giveaways (Pepsi and influencer collaboration) like this are good ways to get engagement.
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2. A thread partnership

Thread partnerships are still underutilized but they can yield great results. Here’s an example
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Want to collaborate with Tweet Hunter?

Twitter brand collaborations are helpful in a lot of ways. You can build a brand reputation, get tons of traffic and even enjoy trust from a solid audience base.
What is important is that you have a clear goal and also choose a brand that aligns with your brand interest.
Reach out to us with a novel way to collaborate and we’ll consider it next time!
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