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Some folks say “Avoid jargon! People don't know what x means!” Actually the best marketers use jargon to repel folks who aren’t a fit–and to attract the right customers. Here are 3 examples of jargon used effectively:

This isn’t about using big words or acronyms to sound sophisticated. It means using industry terms when it makes sense to. And not “dumbing down” your content to cater to the lowest common denominator.

@EmilyKramer teaches B2B marketing. On her landing page, she doesn’t shy away from using marketing jargon like PMM, OKR, KPI, funnel, positioning, or growth levers. Those terms might be confusing for some people… But her target audience are senior marketers who get it.

Evelina at @parabolestudio teaches data storytelling for analysts & data scientists. Her copy speaks to data scientists by mentioning Tableau, Power BI, and Nancy Duarte. She mentions design terms like "visual perception" and "information hierarchy" too.

@tdavidson teaches a finance course for founders. Instead of appealing to everyone, he filters out finance novices who don’t understand convertible notes, SAFEs, or options.

If you use jargon in your marketing, beware of getting feedback from friends who don’t fit your target customer profile. They might advise you to remove jargon simply because they don’t understand it. Instead, ask one of your actual target customers.

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