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Some folks say “Avoid jargon! People don't know what x means!” Actually the best marketers use jargon to repel folks who aren’t a fit–and to attract the right customers. Here are 3 examples of jargon used effectively:

23 days ago

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I don't know who needs to hear this but if you feel self-conscious talking about your work.... you are probably exactly the kind of person who should talk more about your work 💜

25 days ago

Next time you think your product has a problem--stop. It's not a bug, it's a feature. A simple framework for turning problems into solutions: 🧵

30 days ago

How to monetize your expertise: On Thursday, I’m hosting a Q&A with • @emilykramer, fmr Head of Marketing at Asana • @ChristianWattig, Head of Training at DataRails • ​​@amandanat, VP of Marketing at SparkToro Learn how they turned their insights into revenue streams.

about 1 month ago

Living in the past is sad. That’s why I try to be “nostalgic in the moment.” What does this mean?

5 months ago

Happy Halloween from your friends at @MavenHQ 👻 t.co/6jZ8R65gTH

5 months ago

Most of us ask for things all the time… But we don’t think about why the other person would say yes. How to get buy-in from anyone:

5 months ago

What’s one thing that’s conventional wisdom in your craft, but you don’t do it & still get outcomes that are just as good? I’ll go first: I don’t have a set time to write, never have. Been writing my newsletter for 12 years, wrote 47 articles in 2020, and thread/wk for 9 months

7 months ago