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5 months ago

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Living in the past is sad. That’s why I try to be “nostalgic in the moment.” What does this mean?

Nostalgia is the feeling of being wistful about the past. It’s a bittersweet (happy and sad) feeling. Some people like being nostalgic. They like thinking about old friends, old memories, and times that have come to pass. But I’ve always disliked it.

Why? It felt unsatisfying to yearn for something that doesn’t exist anymore.

Thats why I’m nostalgic in the moment. When I’m experiencing something, I’m grateful and nostalgic for it WHILE ITS HAPPENING. This helps me appreciate the moment now, instead of waiting to appreciate it later when it’s gone.

To be clear, I’m not saying you shouldn’t think of old happy memories. I love looking at photos and thinking of good times. But for me, there’s a difference between “Yeah, those times were awesome” 🥹😊 vs “Sigh, those times were awesome…” 🥺😔

If there’s a beautiful scene you’re living, don’t wait until you look at pictures next year to remember how much fun the moment was. Don’t wait until you wish you could go back. Be nostalgic in the moment.

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