Top 10 tools to scale a SaaS faster

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3 months ago

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After 15+ tries, I finally scaled a startup to $1 Million ARR Scaling is... chaotic. These 10 tools made it MUCH easier:

1) Notion for Project Management $$: FREE Write your ideas down. Keep track of to-do’s and Share a workspace with your first employees, freelancers, or clients!

2) Carrd for Landing Pages $$: FREE - $49/yr Crazy low price. Crazy simple builder. Build a public landing page and start capturing leads right away.

3) Stripe to Accept Payments $$: 2.9% of Payments Cash flow is the most important part of any startup Stripe lets you easily accept payments WITHOUT handling sensitive information yourself.

4) Testimonial to… get testimonials. $$: FREE - $150/mo Having happy customers is great. But having happy customers TALKING about your work is how you get even more, and even bigger customers.

5) Feather for an easy blog $$: $15/mo Use your Notion docs and create public: • FAQs • Guides • Blog Posts • Documentation

6) Ahrefs for SEO $$: $99/mo A complete set of SEO tools and resources. Keyword Research Content ideas Site Audits and a ton more.

7) Helpkit for knowledge base $$: $19/mo Create a self-service knowledge base for your customers and users. All from Notion docs you’re already creating!

8) ScribeHow for easy guides $$: FREE - $29/mo Create easy-to-follow step-by-step guides All from clean screen recordings going through the process.

9) Firestore/Firebase for Databases $$: FREE - Custom Pricing If you’re building a web app or mobile app, Firebase is the best solution for easily accessible, cloud-hosted databases.

10) NextJS for fast webapps $$: FREE - $20/mo (Vercel hosting) Based on React, easy to build & super fast. Hands down the best developer experience.

BONUS: Tweet Hunter for building in public on Twitter! (okay, maybe I'm biased) $$: $49/mo Purpose: Writing + Scheduling Tweets Craft, schedule, and capitalize on your best Tweets.

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