Marketing for introverted SaaS founders


6 months ago

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Marketing for introverted SaaS founders A guide:

Marketing is the hardest part for most founders. We are builders, coders, and tinkerers. Not really the type asking for spotlights. But when marketing a startup or raising funds for it, that's just what you have to do.

First, figure out what's off limits. If you're not comfortable sharing MRR, don't. If you don't want to share many personal details, don't. Same for your face. Understanding and setting your boundaries will make social media safer.

Now we can look at what marketing a SaaS startup is actually like these days: (Hint: It's not just talking about the product!)

Social media revolves around pockets of communities. The most effective marketing is putting yourself front and center in a community of your target customers. Don't just stalk and drop links. (Unless you want to get banned everywhere) Here's what to do instead...

Everywhere you go online, leave something behind for free. Share insights from your industry. Share experiences you learned from. Or my favorite...

Build and launch a semi-related tool for free. Build something cool, and get people interested. Share it for free, and funnel people into your paid product from there.

I don't have to go way out of my comfort zone and give a speech about our company. I get to just keep building (or acquiring) cool, useful tools and it all adds up to an effective lead gen.

The latest one for us is a tool helping creators repurpose content to LinkedIn. The Linkedin Carousel Generator Paste the link to your best threads, and it'll make a Linkedin carousel ready to post.

TL;DR If you're struggling to market your SaaS product, this is why: You're leaning on your weaknesses for marketing. Lean on your strengths and do more of what you're good at. Do it in public and share value from what you learn along the way.

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