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Hey, all FAANG smart tech people, I know you all want to create your own startup. But have you tried Indie Making? It's the new way to build a happy life without the usual start-up problems. Here's your playbook for building a $1M/year one-person business: [img:m2B7M7k2L]

Most VC-backed start-ups fail and never make a profit. And among those that survive, burnout is around the corner. Don't fall into the trap of the media-glorified stories of funded start-ups.

On the other hand, there are one-person businesses making millions on the sidelines. @levelsio makes $2.7M/year @thejustinwelsh makes $3M/year And none of them have a single employee.

You don't have to go to Silicon Valley and raise millions for your startup to make serious money. You can build a wildly profitable business leveraging the skills you're ALREADY good at. That's what I did with @TweetHunterIO to $1M/year+ ARR. Let me show you how... [img:GB8W_GgjJ]

1) Don't think BIG Yep, you read that right. We aren't trying to brainstorm a revolutionary idea that's going to change the world. Instead, start with solving your OWN problems.

2) Build relentlessly While you'll spend weeks thinking about what to build, the other guy has already built valuable things and is learning like crazy from user feedback. Build more, think less.

3) How to build fast Landing pages: Carrd, Webflow Project management: Notion Data capture: Tally Payment: Stripe, Paddle Automation: Integromat Email Marketing: Sendinblue Nocode app: Bubble

3.bis) How to build very fast? Forget the previous list. Go with what you're the most confortable with.

4) Automate > Hire Hiring is a nightmare and looks like there is something new nowadays: AI. Personal rule: automate anything that has been asked our support at least twice.

5) Build connection The same way big co' CEOs rely on their relationships, you need friends. Build connection with internet people who will help at every step of your journey.

6) Build in public The new way: share value for free on social media to build trust over your future customers. Educate them on your expertise and they will gladly jump on board once you have a relevant offer.

7) Screw perfection Don't overthink stuff, you don't have the resources. This mockup you worked on? Build 20% of it and ship it.

8) Launch often As soon as you have something new, announce it. Tell the story and the benefit behind it, and do it often. By doing it multiple times, you'll see what sticks.

9) Be nice Your reputation is everything. Build fast means you'll build unstable things, so refund people if they ask for it. This product may fail but this customer will come back for your next product.

Recommended resources: Make: The Indie Maker Handbook by @levelsio Zero to Sold by @arvidkahl The Operating System by @thejustinwelsh

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