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How to build a $1M/year SaaS WITHOUT writing a single line of code? Everyone talks about building a SaaS but no one tells you how. This thread has everything you need to know:

2 reasons why building a SaaS is the best: 1) Coding is no longer a requirement. There are no-code tools available to help you with every step of the way. 2) Easiest way to scale The cost of servicing additional users is almost $0, unlike operations-heavy service businesses.

#1 What to build? This is the most critical step. Else, you'll end up building products no one would pay for. Here is how to not waste your time:

a) Create a solution for YOUR problems If you're facing a problem, chances are there are hundreds or thousands struggling with something similar.

b) Build for your market Pick a market you're familiar with. - Hop on to LinkedIn/ Twitter - Notice trends in common problems

#2 Branding & logos h/t: this should NOT be a priority. Only a few people will stand our from their design. But to cover the minimum: - Canva has thousands of free templates. Create basic marketing assets even if you have zero design experience.

#3 Website Depending on the complexity of your website, choose one of the following tools: 1) carrd (dot) co for simple, one-page websites. 2) webflow (dot) com for more complex websites. Neither of them requires any coding.

#4 Co-founders Are you great at building products but suck at marketing? Bring in a co-founder who's a beast at marketing. This is one of my biggest hacks! Don't shy away from seeking help. You can't do it all.

#5 Build an MVP - Build your MVP on bubble .io Crazy but true, you can use it to build anything from a marketplace or CRM, to a SaaS or social network. And no, you don't need to write any code.

#6 Launch! - Launch on Product Hunt and gather feedback from early adopters. - Make necessary changes and reward your early users with discounts & refunds

#7 Talk with users every day Make it a daily thing. Send 5 DMs per day, manually. Ask how it's going and learn from your users.

#8 Partner Tie up with influencers in your niche and reward them with equity or revenue. This made us reach $100k/m.

#9 Leverage social - Document your journey right from day 0, make it a story people want to follow. - Consistently publish content & engage with your target audience. Organic social is the most underutilized marketing channel.

#10 Repurpose to blog posts - Use feather .so to publish your best content as blog posts. It's the easiest blog CMS I know as it's based on Notion. Follow your progress with Ahref.

#11 Giveaways Run contests and giveaways once in a while. It should ideally involve participants using your product and spreading the word. This helps you go viral.

#12 Acquire competition This isn't applicable if you don't have the cashflow to finance your purchase. But if you can, acquisitions can do wonders.

#13 Free value To build trust, you must giveaway insane amounts of free value. This is a fool-proof strategy to bring in new customers every single time.

It will still be super hard. But at least you won't loose time switching from tools to tools. Hope that was helpful. If you can RT the first tweet below, that would be much appreciated ❤️

Bonus: One thing that work like crazy for us was building personal brands while building in public We built (Twitter) and (Linkedin) for that exact purpose, hope it helps 🙏

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