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8 simple things to tweet about to never run out of ideas You'll want to save this one...

Below are formats that are proven to work. Because consistency is super important on Twitter, these are designed to help you make Tweeting a daily habit. Stop waiting for inspiration. Start using systems, schedules and templates like these...

1) Be a Curator You don't always have to be the creator. Consume high-quality content (newsletter, podcast, books, documentaries...). Curate the best ones together and share them.

2) Tell A Story Storytelling works. Tell a story of a lesson learned in your niche. Tell the story of how you got started. Share the difficulties, the problems and how you hit rock bottom. Tell us how you overcome it and bring your followers on a ride.

3) Promote Yourself You’re probably doing something worth promoting. Which means you’re probably not doing enough to promote it. Promote your work and the value in it.

4) Predict the Future of Your Niche Take your knowledge of your niche’s history and use it to speculate on where the field is headed.

5) React top News in your Niche Reacting and Tweeting about EVERY news story won’t work (and will make you have a horrible Twitter experience) But breaking news in your niche + your own analysis is WHY people will follow for more.

6) Repurpose. Repurpose. Repurpose. This is where consistency pays off. When you have a huge library of old Tweets You have a ton of content to pull from, re-phrase, or even just repeat.

7) How X Did Y Find a success story in your niche. Share their story and how they became a success. Illustrate it. Again, storytelling works.

8) Check Your Replies & DMs Connect with people in your niche, and start conversations. If you’re having interesting discussions and answering interesting questions, you’re sitting on a ton of Tweet-worthy material.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you never get stuck with "what to tweet about" again. If you're interested in Startups & Audience Building Follow me @tibo_maker ! Talk soon. 👋

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