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5 💎 from October 🏆 ... and why they went viral 1. Posture Problems Why did it work? - highly actionable - universal pain point - Includes a personal story

2. Illegal everywhere Why did it work? - Proven hook structure - It’s great clickbait - Generates curiosity in the reader Note: I am super surprised this format still works as it has been used a lot. Seems like people want more of it 🤷‍♂️

3. Copywriting masterclass in one tweet Why did it work? - Great copywriting - Giving away a “high value” freebie - Generates curiosity in the reader

4. Numbers numbers Why did it work? - Popular topic (making money) - Numbers play ($2.000.000 - 20h) - "How to" type of thread (popular format)

5. Equations you need Why did it work? - Visual structure - Indirectly Prompts people to participate

Thanks @AlexLlullTW for this amazing selection 👏 Hope you liked reading those tweets If you did, follow @tibo_maker for more about audience building

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