14 accounts you MUST follow on Twitter to learn about business

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3 months ago

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Twitter has so many generous folks giving away free advice Their content are easily worth hundreds $$$ 14 accounts you MUST follow πŸ‘‡

@iamwillcannon Why: Founder of @UpLeadHQ . Talks about lead generation strategies and building a SaaS from the ground up. Must read thread: twitter.com/iamwillcannon/status/1504113275402964992

@gaganbiyani Why: Co-founder of one of the world's largest learning platforms - @udemy. Shares insights on entrepreneurship, fundraising and building products that people actually care about. Must read thread: twitter.com/gaganbiyani/status/1313955118610608129

@thejustinwelsh Why: Made $2M in 2.5 years as a solopreneur with insane margins. Shares simple, practical advice on personal branding & building online revenue streams Must read thread: twitter.com/thejustinwelsh/status/1567196732173213701

@Nicolascole77 Why: Talks about digital writing and leveraging it to help you stand out and leveraging it to make some serious money. Runs Ship 30 for 30, a cohort-based course that has seen insane success in the recent past. Must read thread: twitter.com/Nicolascole77/status/1402052893335769088

@denicmarko Why: A ninja coder who's growing his account at a ninja pace. Curates the best resources and practical advice for developers. Must read thread: twitter.com/denicmarko/status/1523270814988075008

@matt_gray_ Why: Founder of @Herbworthy and has one of the best newsletters on growing internet businesses (~28k subscribers). Talks about scaling businesses and shares some pretty cool insights on life and business. Must read thread: twitter.com/matt_gray_/status/1539583260631744517

@jspeiser Why: Your guru for all things related to SaaS growth and acquisitions. Must read thread: twitter.com/jspeiser/status/1529840284271620099

@aaditsh Why: Went from 0 to 100k followers in less than a year, and is currently at 200k. Master at audience building. Must read thread: twitter.com/aaditsh/status/1491094779605975040

@ImSamThompson Why: Shares the most practical advice to build online revenue streams, and scaling them to $100k. Must read thread: twitter.com/ImSamThompson/status/1367557220469211144

@heyblake Why: Has one of the best weekly marketing newsletter out there w/ ~7000 subscribers. Your go-to-man for all things marketing. Must read thread: twitter.com/heyblake/status/1389725784651309056

@amandanat Why: VP of Marketing @sparktoro and @Adweek contributor. Talks about marketing strategy, navigating career paths, and life. Must read thread: twitter.com/amandanat/status/1435632019178876930

@growth_student Why: Breaks down growth strategies of successful businesses so that you don't have to. Must read thread: twitter.com/growth_student/status/1408472009126957063

@jmoserr Why: Pro at SEO strategy for SaaS businesses. Keeps dropping the best threads out there on copywriting, marketing, and scaling businesses. Must read thread: twitter.com/jmoserr/status/1531655745011212288

@Aazarshad Why: Grew his former start-up from 0 to 8 figures. Runs a damn good podcast and talks about all things growth marketing. Must read thread: twitter.com/Aazarshad/status/1414585344058564611

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