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6 months ago

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Wes Kao gained 100K+ followers in 12 months She goes viral, constantly I studied her growth, there are tons of things which can fuel your own Twitter growth 12 Twitter lessons from @wes_kao:

1. Focused Content Wes makes it very clear in her bio that she tweets about entrepreneurship, education and marketing. Her audience knows what to expect. And Wes delivers on the promise.

2. Improve your Writing Twitter puts a 280 character constraint on your writing. But that can be a blessing in disguise. As you publish more, your writing becomes better. And you even become a better thinker. twitter.com/wes_kao/status/1329107854113075203

3. Write Threads The secret to Twitter growth is threads. People like to retweet quality threads to their audience. That's how your reach grows. Wes writes highly impactful threads on relevant topics which get widely shared by people. Like this one twitter.com/wes_kao/status/1523316828164042753

4. Use Great Hooks Your hook should catch people's attention, stop their scroll and make them click through and read. Wes is a master at this. She uses simple yet powerful hook formats to start her threads Ex - "Most X suck at Y Here's how to do Y" twitter.com/wes_kao/status/1495065668546408456

5. Share actionable tips Your audience will find value in your content if it's simple and actionable. Wes writes threads that are extremely actionable on the topics her audience cares about. Example this one on writing and editing - twitter.com/wes_kao/status/1462105949003558912

6. Find Community Once you have an audience on Twitter, you can use it to extend your network. You can create online communities, or even offline communities with your Twitter friends. And it can start with something as simple as a Tweet - twitter.com/wes_kao/status/1342928557392228352

7. Engage with your peers When you regularly engage with other accounts of similar size, they will engage back. That's fuel for the Twitter algo so your content is goes beyond your 1st circle.

8. Support your friends When your friends launch a new product or service, always support them and boost their launch. This way you help them in their growth, and also help your audience with a great recommendation. Wes is a great example of this - twitter.com/wes_kao/status/1515156256763297796

9. Tell Stories Story threads are hard to write but have the most impact. You can create a deeper connection with your audience through the power of stories. Wes teaches important business lessons through the power of stories - twitter.com/wes_kao/status/1538548573901553665

10. Focus on format On Twitter, the format of your tweets and threads is as important as the actual content. Wes publishes high quality content in an easily consumable format. Makes it super easy for the audience. twitter.com/wes_kao/status/1542914346711334912

11. Share spiky opinions Sharing a spiky opinion is a great way to catch attention. It also helps you present your argument in a stronger way. Wes does this brilliantly. This is thread starts with her spiky opinion about public speaking - twitter.com/wes_kao/status/1536000405100011522

12. Bring back your content Once you publish something it becomes a part of your content library. Don't forget your old content, bring it back in new contexts and formats. It will be a good refresher for your audience. twitter.com/wes_kao/status/1476209188342796296

Hope this thread helps you in your Twitter growth. If you liked it then, consider sharing it β™»οΈπŸ™ Thanks ❀️ twitter.com/tibo_maker/status/1576165060946366466

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