12 Twitter growth lessons from Zain Kahn

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5 months ago

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Zain Kahn has gone from 0 to 250K+ Twitter followers in the last 15 months. There are a few things he is doing... differently. Here's what I learned after studying his account. 12 Twitter lessons from @heykahn:

1. Have a Clear Value Prop Zain's bio makes it very clear the type of content his potential followers can expect. - Marketing - Psychology - Audience Building And his content stays close to these topics only. [img:1j0TiWZDU]

2. Give away your best lessons If you've achieved any success, people would want to learn from you. Don't hide your best insights. Give them away for free, that's how you turn strangers into followers. And followers into fans - twitter.com/heykahn/status/1545040178145681409

3. Curate great people Twitter has 300M+ users. For newbies on Twitter, it can be hard to find the right accounts to follow. That's when such curated threads add so much value. Round up the best accounts to follow in your niche. Like Zain - twitter.com/heykahn/status/1436724974136410115

4. Solve painful problems If your content is a vitamin, it will get a few likes. But if it's solving a pain for people, it will go viral, and get you followers. Check this pain killer thread from Zain - twitter.com/heykahn/status/1483488111665451012

5. Share non-obvious insights There are hundreds of listicle threads posted every day on Twitter. But very few share spiky opinions and take on the status quo. Like Zain does here - twitter.com/heykahn/status/1534208184457363457

6. Simplify Complex Lessons Your audience is smart. You should create content that makes them smarter. But you should still keep the language simple. That's what Zain does with threads like these - twitter.com/heykahn/status/1524422842950975489

7. Curate Interesting Stuff Your feed is not just about creating great content. Become an amazing curator in your niche. Find interesting content that your audience would enjoy twitter.com/heykahn/status/1538193805064536064

8. Ask good questions Good questions lead to interesting discussions. And then give you material to write even better content. Zain wrote this thread about career advice from the answers he received from his audience. twitter.com/heykahn/status/1564246528943738881

9. Use great hooks The hook is the most important part of the thread. Test it, refine it, and get feedback on it. Spend as much time on the hook as you spend on the rest of the thread. Only then will you be able to write hooks like these - twitter.com/heykahn/status/1564601279799693313

10. Share actionable advice It's easy to share bland, boring obvious lessons. But those don't add any value to your audience. Share advice that your audience can start implementing in their life immediately. This is one of Zain's most popular threads twitter.com/heykahn/status/1556987984796192768

11. Share visual content Pictures break the pattern on Twitter and catch the reader's attention. They get shared around and improve your engagement rates as well. So post interesting visual content every once in a while for your audience. twitter.com/heykahn/status/1578339656109682688

12. Leverage your best content Don't let your viral Tweets and threads go to waste. Once you know a tweet is doing well, plug your newsletter or course under it to get maximum eyeballs to it. twitter.com/heykahn/status/1576640702213066753

Thank you for reading. Hope this thread helps you grow your Twitter account. If you liked it then please let your friends find these amazing lessons from Zain ๐Ÿ‘‰ RT this thread โ™ป๏ธ Thanks โค๏ธ And follow @tibo_maker for more like this twitter.com/tibo_maker/status/1581238488350871552

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