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Matt Gray has absolutely exploded on Twitter in 2022. He has added 100K+ followers in just the 6 months. I did a breakdown of his Twitter growth strategy. Here's what I learned. 12 Twitter lessons from @matt_gray_

1. Write Threads Lots of them. The Twitter algorithm loves threads. Because it helps keep users on the platform. So publish threads. But make sure they're so good people can't ignore. The biggest reason for Matt's success is writing 2 high quality threads every week.

2. Make Content Actionable Everyone writes content on Twitter. There are 500 million tweets posted every day. But less than 1% of that content is useful to anybody. This is where Matt wins. You can read his tweets and apply them immediately. twitter.com/matt_gray_/status/1577358184561393684

3. Use your DM Questions for new Ideas If you're good at something, you must be getting questions from people. From friends, followers, fans. Anything anybody asks you is a content opportunity. Turn your answer into an actionable tweet or thread. twitter.com/matt_gray_/status/1528781081062821892

4. Give away your secrets People will follow you for your expertise. And for that you will have to showcase your best work in public. If something has worked well for you, it can help your followers. Share it with the world - twitter.com/matt_gray_/status/1540670421699362816

5. Write Irresistible Hooks Your thread is only as good as a hook. You can write a great thread, but with a poor hook it will be skipped by everyone. Spend as much time on the hook as on the the thread. And come up with threads like these - twitter.com/matt_gray_/status/1580536715923816448

6. Engage with large accounts There's no other way to kick-start your Twitter growth. Find large accounts in your niche and engage with them every day. That's how you get your content in front of more people. twitter.com/matt_gray_/status/1570746107633844224

7. Engage with your followers Not many people do this. But if you want to build a community around yourself instead of just chasing followers, then engage with the people who engage with you. Matt does this brilliantly. His followers love him twitter.com/proveitworks/status/1579100835568812033

8. Curate great stuff Curation is a great way to share valuable content with your audience. Not everything you publish has to be your own content. Do your research, and find interesting stuff that your audience will find helpful. twitter.com/matt_gray_/status/1578713065142779904

9. Have a clear CTA A simple ask at the end of the thread can do wonders for your growth. Make it as simple as possible for your thread readers to become your followers. twitter.com/matt_gray_/status/1579075033225637889

10. Diversify Your Audience Every social media platform comes with platform risk. So try to build an audience on at least 2 platforms. Twitter threads can easily be turned into LinkedIn carousel posts. Which boost LinkedIn growth. twitter.com/matt_gray_/status/1572921935042084864

11. Own your Audience Eventually you want to own your audience and not rely on social media platforms. That's where having a newsletter can help. Plug your newsletter signup page under your best performing tweets. twitter.com/matt_gray_/status/1581257433816731649

12 Write Daily Writing is the highest ROI skill you can learn in 2022. It can help you with - - Twitter growth - LinkedIn growth - Newsletter growth Most of all - new connections and collaborations. As Matt says, Writing is a superpower. twitter.com/matt_gray_/status/1571561480939622406

Thank you for reading ❤️ Hope this thread helps with your Twitter growth. If you liked it then please let your friends find these gems from Matt 👉 RT this thread ♻️ And follow @tibo_maker for more like this twitter.com/tibo_maker/status/1583775205197053952

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