12 Lessons from @thedankoe to build a 500,000+ followes audience

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11 months ago

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Dan Koe has built an audience of 500,000+ across multiple platforms. And it all started on Twitter. He has used his writing to build a $500K+ year one-person business. I studied all his strategies and processes, and here's what I learned. 12 Lessons from @thedankoe:

1. Be spiky Spiky opinions make you stand out from the crowd on Twitter. While everyone is posting the same old boring platitudes, publish something that piques interest and forces conversation. Dan does this best - twitter.com/thedankoe/status/1530117108385910785

2. Visualize Ideas Simple visuals do really well on Twitter. Take the concept you're about to write a thread about, and turn it into a catchy visual. Makes for a great hook for the thread - twitter.com/thedankoe/status/1464263989270089730

3. Write Impactful Hooks A hook is the heart of a thread. You should spend as much time on the hook, as you do on the rest of the thread. It doesn't have to be very elaborate, a single-line hook can also be very impactful - twitter.com/thedankoe/status/1511320183889178632

4. Take Long Walks Dan loves walking. Most of his ideas for tweets, threads, and blog posts occur to him when walking. As he says - you're one walk away from changing your life twitter.com/thedankoe/status/1524681289131036673

5. Offer to Thread Have a product you want to sell, is it around 1 big idea? Cut it up into smaller ideas. Write threads explaining each idea, and lead your audience to the product. twitter.com/thedankoe/status/1496507149102505992

6. Be interesting You don't need to travel the world. Talk about what you've done that the average Joe doesn't do. That can make your content interesting and attractive to your audience. twitter.com/thedankoe/status/1272955788466827266

7. Share clear actionable advice There's a lot of fluff advice on Twitter every day. Your audience will love you if you can give them something actionable. Something they can take and apply instantly twitter.com/thedankoe/status/1266299534893711360

8. Use Soft plugs You don't have to always plug your products under your tweets. It's a turn-off for most people. Instead, plug your related blog posts under tweets and promote your products and newsletter there. twitter.com/thedankoe/status/1531294975127953408

9. Solve problems for your audience Your followers don't want more "content" They want solutions to their problems. Dan uses this thread to help anyone become a profitable writer. twitter.com/thedankoe/status/1560222486029111298

10. Build a Content Ecosystem Repurpose your content, but build systems and processes for yourself. Every week Dan publishes on - - Newsletter - Twitter - Instagram - LinkedIn - Podcast - YouTube And takes a different angle on the same topic twitter.com/thedankoe/status/1534162287329693699

11. Niche Networking If you don't have a huge audience, reach out to the people who already have the audience you want Find out the influential people in your niche. Build relationships with them - Partnerships, Collaborations, Affiliations. twitter.com/thedankoe/status/1272955871140642817

12. Just Start Writing If you're getting started, stop procrastinating and just start publishing tweets. As you write more, you will learn more and refine your processes and systems. This is Dan's number 1 tip - twitter.com/thedankoe/status/1272955883966861316

Hope this thread helps you grow your Twitter account and build a one-person business. If you liked it then please let your followers find these gems from Dan πŸ‘‰ RT this thread ♻️ Thanks ❀️ twitter.com/tibo_maker/status/1586311913826304001

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