10 steps to work on the RIGHT startup idea


6 months ago

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95% of startups & products will fail. But don't STOP Do more Here are 10 steps to work on the RIGHT idea:

1) Keep it simple You don't need to launch with a perfect product. This is what you need: • Landing Page • 1 core feature • Payments • A Way to Get Feedback

2) Build in Public BIP is the ultimate feedback loop: • Connecting with potential customers • Building trust as you grow • Validating features before building them

3) Go on a feedback frenzy Get as much feedback as you can - as fast as you can. • A simple form • 1:1 conversations over DMs & calls

4) Build a Focused Product Build a simple MVP. Make sure it stays simple by focusing on solving 1 single problem very well.

5) Find Founder-Market Fit Build in a space that you know and understand. Founder market fit makes product market fit MUCH easier.

6) More 1:1 Conversations (again) Get close to potential customers and start real conversations with them. Ask open questions. Be genuinely curious. ⚠️ Ask to invalidate instead of asking to confirm your belief. Do that and product market fit will be obvious.

7) Validation and UN-validation Sometimes, you'll spend with an idea that leads to a dead end. Figuring that out early is a GIFT! Embrace it. You may have saved years of your life.

8) No Time Drains Don't disappear for 4 months to build your idea in your basement. If you can't ship your idea by the end of the week, revisit #1.

9) Share Your Idea Privately We all get build in public. But try sharing your idea privately with your spouse or family. If you're embarrassed to share it - you may struggle to stick by that idea when things get hard.

10) Just keep building Some ideas will fizzle out. Some will crash and burn. The point is to keep learning and keep building. We get to keep trying ideas until it feels right.

If you're sitting on an idea right now: Build a simple MVP. Market it. Try it. See what happens.

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