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Bits about Money will be out in 15 minutes, about the fascinating minutiae of bank branch siting.

My father was in commercial real estate for most of his career, and I endured (and enjoyed) many stories growing up of the blow-by-blow in getting a new branch on a particular corner.

Interestingly, it wasn’t until this year (and dealing with some challenges in my own parenting) that I finally connected some dots about Dad and I. “Hey wait, you have near eidetic recall of negotiations with traffic engineers to approve a curb cut in 1994 and talk about this.”

“Are we perhaps related and can I swap you a fun story about API design for financial services in Japan?”

@cperciva e.g. Of the closest four branches to the SF Caltrain station, which a Japanese real estate developer would predict would all be first floors of massive integrated developments, two are free standing and one is a stripe mall sort of storefront.

@cperciva (I am operating by memory here rather than by map.)

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