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Was walking around Nakameguro today in an unfamiliar path and found a surprisingly nice thing, in a genre where Japan has a will to have nice things, and will share it minus the identifying information (for social reasons):

about 19 hours ago

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I tried to do a routine thing between two Japanese financial institutions. It takes two months and I just got a postcard saying it was denied because there were no responsive records. This usually means someone in the chain has a disagreement as to what my name is. But no.

about 23 hours ago

“The interest rate spread is (part of) the price for banking services” seems like both a banal observation and one which people, including sophisticated people, need spelled out in excruciating detail sometimes.

1 day ago

Part of the genius of YC et al is convincing the 50th percentile YC founder to *not* attempt to be the richest person in Tampa commercial real estate, an outcome probably easily within grasp of 50th percentile YC founder plus 20-30 years. t.co/ACaXt7eJbT

3 days ago

Stating the obvious: if you do this in traditional finance you will be fired with very high probability and there is a nontrivial risk of civil or criminal litigation to top it off. This is not because we're fuddy duddies who think that financial executives make too much money. t.co/XGNZyVcpNf

4 days ago

In this thread, an LLM is told to write like me to resolve a routine high-salience unresolved CS inquiry. I used to ghostwrite letters like this on behalf of people who had difficulty writing professionally. The output is not fantastic but *will work if sent.* t.co/SatBUEmm6j

4 days ago

They keep violating Stringer Bell’s dictum on the wisdom of keeping written notes of a criminal conspiracy. t.co/fk4obj0mx1

4 days ago

Let the record reflect that, even in current tumultuous economic circumstances, I still get a reasonably steady drumbeat of email from people a) getting hired and b) negotiating offers upwards versus expectations / prior job.

6 days ago

I’ve now been 3D printing and painting for just over a year, which I find remarkable since I continue few new habits. It still feels magical, and it has been interesting to feel like I’m getting perceptibly better at something every few weeks.

6 days ago

In addition to altruistic motivations, some of the stochasticness of the process includes that you have capacity to do some number, X, of human transaction reviews per day to cover Y transactions. You tell computers to select Z% of heuristically fraudiest to review. t.co/N77PPyjT62

6 days ago