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As a father, enthusiastically co-signed. Like the Mario Galaxy control-the-hat mode except without the hat needing expert level mechanics for you to progress the level.

Liam and Lillian both loved control-the-hat until they realized the game was much more active when I was soloing it, and I did not want to explain to them the truth, which is that their skill level blocked both of us from almost all interactive content.

Incidentally, I solved this playing Wrath of the Righteous (a game where much is very not child appropriate, by the by) by giving each a character during fights, giving them “advice” on what to do, and letting them push the one button to do the thing.

“Daddy there are scary bad guys!” “Oh no what do we do!” “We beat the bad guys with our fireball!” “Oh no but these bad guys are immune to fire! We’ll have to use lightning bolt. Click the mouse!”

(Ah the joys of rolling a fire elementalist in a game where almost everything has at least 10 points of fire resist, at least until your Mythic path allows you to burn a greater first elemental to a cinder if you want to.)

Sidenote about Mario Galaxy: from Lillian’s point of view the entire game is excused by “Put Mario in an outfit appropriate to the environment then take a leisurely stroll to talk to Princess as she vacations in her outfit, which sadly you cannot pick for her.”

Game industry: you should actually try making that game, perhaps.

(This game is, incidentally, the best power fantasy ever delivered in an RPG. After a fairly brutal early game dying a lot you hit a particular event, start a fight you know is going to wreck you, stirring music plays, and you realize it is boss music *played for you*.)

(And there are multiple tracks of the Main Character Boss Music depending on your choices, so when you hit epic demon of badness and your theme plays, it will feel like your theme and not e.g. a very different archetype’s theme.)

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