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11 months ago

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Part of why I loved Everything Everywhere All At Once is it’s the only piece of media I’ve seen that sort of got at this

Like yes the concept of continuous personal identity falls apart if you think about it for even a few minutes, so “you’ll” experience all of it, and all of qualia is far more wild than anything you can imagine. But any realm you’re reborn into you can try and be kind

It also did a great job in the middle at depicting the miserable disorientation of the part where you’ve perceptually internalized that you are in some sense arising and passing away each moment but don’t yet have equanimity with that, so you try and cling and hang on (to what?)

And finally it showed that with enough equanimity any realm is basically okay, it’s just part of what life is, and we’re here for the long ride Such a beautiful movie, even if all the Buddhistish parts were basically by accident. I don’t think the directors meant it

Though, it’s unsurprising the same insights would come about from multiple people, since they’re very general ideas

We’ll just flash in and out until the “end” of “time” and many places we flash into will be weirder than anything we could have expected, and that’s okay. Sensate particles can’t hurt us if we don’t cling to them or push them away

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