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Project idea: download all the Rob Burbea talks from Dharmaseed, run them through Whisper (voice -> text), do a bit of curation and organization to create a nice explorable website of the talks. So much good stuff in there that's hard to explore today

27 days ago

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Short rant on the present moment

29 days ago

Scott wrote another post summarizing the comments A couple dozen jhana practitioners fight a half dozen skeptics, the jhana-ers agree it’s awesome and helpful but they don’t choose to do it that often, which breaks everyone’s model of how humans work t.co/CCeZBEyMMU t.co/nONQGHiOJD

about 1 month ago

I think there's a lot of potential for VR for meditation- particularly for intermediate meditators. By controlling visual and audio sense doors it can provide a laboratory for sensory experimentation. There's nothing magic about having your eyes closed that makes meditation work

about 1 month ago

Can you rotate your attention around you 10ft out like your attention is a planet and you are the sun

about 1 month ago

It’s interesting that weather became the pinnacle of drab conversation. At least if outside, the weather affects our present moment far more than most gossip and drama, seems like we should be more passionate about discussing it

about 1 month ago

Scott wrote about me and jhanas t.co/a16MN90vqv

about 1 month ago

Have there been any compelling theories on how the physics of our universe came to be or were selected for?

about 1 month ago

If I could send a few word letter to kid me, assuming future-information is banned (eg buy bitcoin), I’d choose “look for tanha”

about 1 month ago