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What I learnt about Portugal is that everywhere in the culture you see the echos of the old dictator Salazar who ruled for ~40 years He wasn't a capitalist, nor a communist but a corporatist and you can still feel it in the work culture here I think

The result (or cause) is a very hierarchical culture that is risk averse

Which practically means: In Portuguese companies it's more important to focus on making your superiors in the organizational hierarchy happy Than making a great product/service that makes customers happy Which is the echo of Salazar and why PT doesn't have real startups

If you're in a 40 year dictatorship that's not capitalist nor communist, it makes sense to focus 100% on climbing up in the internal hierarchy (of a company, corporation or party) vs. making great products/services etc

@zemigsan @rosabrancaa Having a Portuguese founder or an American founder who grew up in Portugal doesn't make a company Portuguese, none of them are incorporated in Portugal except Feedzai

@zemigsan @rosabrancaa This shows the desperate grasp by Portuguese of trying to change the reality. If someone ever stepped foot in Portugal, it's suddenly a Portuguese unicorn. Bullshit 😂

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