🧠 Trying to train my own https://t.co/eNKgTD1KqW model with Dreambooth today... | by @levelsio



about 1 month ago

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🧠 Trying to train my own t.co/eNKgTD1KqW model with Dreambooth today You seed it with 5 to 30 pics and it will modify Stable Diffusion to be more about what you seeded it with, kinda like steering the model I think Will update on progress in this thread! t.co/K7VNVLMec4

✅ Trained my own model It worked! At first glance it seems like there's A LOT less anomalies and artefacts as the re-trained (on interior) model knows better what we want (interior) t.co/3gAbU313gW

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