✨ Added PNG, WebP, HEIC support to https://t.co/ll0YGEo53Z, they all now get con... | by @levelsio



3 months ago

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✨ Added PNG, WebP, HEIC support to t.co/ll0YGEo53Z, they all now get converted to JPGs to send to Dreambooth Also added auto scaling of input pics if tiny to bigger, and next is adding auto cropping of input pics with face detection, which will all improve the outputs!

Before people would upload JPG, PNG, WebP and HEIC pics and only a % was JPG so even if they'd upload 20 inputs pics maybe only % would be useful and that'd get you less good results as the AI doesn't understand your face well with so few pics!

Very menial mini features but necessary if you see all the random file types people try to upload, need coverage for most

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