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2 things that feel like "cheating" when it comes to money: 1. Adapting Die with Zero Not bouncing the last check. But not obsessing about leaving $ for kids. 2. Enjoying my work... While knowing it can make me money. I know that I'll want to do some combo of writing, teaching and coaching for many decades to come. And I can dial the intensity up and down

30 days ago

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Forget being a VC-backed founder. The "it company" today is the lifestyle business. No investors, no board meetings, total freedom. Maybe it's possible, but you gotta know what life you want to live. @KevinEspiritu is the 🐐 of lifestyle businesses. He grew a blog into a $40 million media and e-commerce juggernaut. Here are 4 takeaways from our podcast: 1. Obsession fuels the fire It started with poker. Then writing. Then YouTube. Now managing a team and complex supply chains. 2. Your relationship with money is complex Kevin is frugal and cautious in his personal life. Yet spends aggressively in his business. 3. You will second guess your "lifestyle business" Any growing business needs to respond to the marketplace, customers and employees. You'll always have a fire to put out. 4. Audience-first businesses provide optionality Yes, the content game is competitive AF. But if you serve your audience, they will reward you with new business opportunities. Check out the full episode ↓↓↓

about 1 month ago

Have you ever fallen into this trap: "Once I achieve [X], I'll feel happy." Only to see the goal line reset. And then the hamster wheel spins on. Do you have examples of this fallacy?

over 3 years ago