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As the founder of @TweetHunterIO, I've analyzed 5,000+ accounts and how they grew at different stages šŸ“ˆ Here's the data-backed framework to grow your account in the next 60 days šŸ‘‡ [img:7rurV2_JD]

You're in either of the following 2 stages right now. šŸ“Š Less than 5,000 followers šŸ“Š 5,000 - 50,000 followers What works in one stage doesn't work in another. Let's go through each of them one by one.

1/ Less than 5,000 followers? I've got just one advice for you - ENGAGE. At this stage, focus on commenting under large accounts as much as you can. Select 15 large accounts that have the same target audience as yours. There's no point in reaching out to the wrong people.

Why? Even if you write an insanely valuable thread with very few followers, it will barely have any impressions. Instead, if you are among the first 10 people to comment something insightful under large accounts, you'll easily have 10k+ impressions "per tweet" [img:_QXwXNej2]

How to get there? šŸ”” Set notifications for these 15 large accounts so that you get a reminder as soon as they tweet. Now be among the first few to reply under their tweets. If you do it right, you'll easily have 100k+ impressions every day.

šŸ‘„ Create a Growth Group This group should consist of ~15 people who post content in the same niche as you. If you engage with each other consistently, you'll turn all their audience into yours.

šŸ“© Turn your profile into a landing page. People follow you on Twitter mainly for 2 reasons. It's because your content is either entertaining or educational. So tell them how you can help them and why you're the right person (quote relevant experiences)

Fact: 40% of my profile visitors become followers. That's because I clearly answer what they care about. [img:6fNFNHleu]

āœļø Tweet 3x/day Sure, replies can get you traffic. But to convert that traffic into followers, you must have solid content. So make sure you post "retweet-worthy", high-value tweets around thrice a day.

šŸ”– Summary 1) Engage under 15 large accounts every day. 2) Create an engagement group of 15 people. 3) Turn your profile into a landing page 4) Tweet 3x/day

2/ 5,000 - 50,000 followers At this stage, you have a decent audience. If you want to keep up, people expect you to consistently post valuable content. There are 2 elements here - 1) Consistency & 2) High-value content Let's tackle each of them.

1) Consistency To be consistent, you need systems and processes. Relying on random bursts of motivation is a recipe for failure. [img:gif-EyPGMF5UZ]

2) High-value content Threads are the single best way to provide actionable content and grow at this stage. But consistently creating new threads can be a challenge. Here's how we address it... [img:RQMmkzeNe]

1) CREATE AN IDEA BANK šŸ¦ To "create" great content, you need to "consume" great content. Take inspiration from YouTube channels, podcasts, great tweets through @TweetHunterIO, or any other relevant content sources and dump them in one place.

Spend one day and generate 50 thread ideas. Those are enough ideas for an entire year if you post 1 thread/ week. Or you can check out Tweet Hunter's library to see which ones have performed well in the past or get inspiration for new ideas. [img:gif-_WvRM9Zby]

2) ONE GOOD THREAD > HUNDRED TWEETS At this stage, threads will drive 80% of your growth. Heck, one good thread might even get you 2,000 new followers overnight (I swear!) So why not double down on what works? [img:gif-SiK6Q0X1o]

But writing good threads is a lot of work. All GREAT threads have these 3 things in common. They're... 1) Extremely detailed 2) Insightful 3) Practical (give step-by-step advice) 4) Retweet-worthy

Some tips to help you 1) Select 4 topics from your Idea Bank 2) Block a 6 hour-slot and work on these 4 threads 3) Once done, ask yourself - "Is this retweet-worthy?" If the answer is "No", keep refining. 4) If you want to scale aggressively, post 2 threads/week

3) BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER CREATORS Imagine 15 creators with 50K+ followers commenting on everything you post. That's a sureshot way to get at least 200 retweets on every single piece of content you post. But to get there, you need to build good relationships with them.

How do you do that? Promote them without permission. Make a post similar to this... "10 accounts you must follow if you're serious about scaling your agency business šŸ‘‡" And tag each of them.

This is a good start because you've done them a favor without asking for anything. Having content creators who consistently engage with you is the biggest growth hack for growing from 5K to 50K. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Building good relationships with content creators opens up doors for... šŸ¤‘ Monetization opportunities šŸ¤ Co-creating digital products šŸ’° Building new revenue streams Let this be your biggest takeaway if you currently have over 5k followers.

4) FIND CONTENT BUCKETS THAT YOUR AUDIENCE LOVES Over time, you'll identify that certain topics generate higher engagement than others. Heard of product-market fit? This is content-market fit. [img:gif-Ex6t3-Hx7]

You can do this by... a) Extracting related ideas from these core topics. b) Breaking down a sub-topic in greater detail. c) Reposting the same thread w/ a different hook or angle.

šŸ”– Summary 1) Create an Idea Bank 2) Post "high-value" threads once or twice per week 3) Build good relationships with content creators 4) Find content buckets that your audience loves, and create more of it.

All this is just a trailer of what's available in Tweet Hunter's Audience Growth Guide. It's currently only available to our paid users. RT the first tweet and I'll DM it to you FREE. (Only available for the next 48 hours ā³)

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