16 Sentences that will change how you build startups

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I wish I read those 16 ideas when I built my first startup:

To build an empire, place one stone at a time.

For faster improvements, get faster feedback.

Better customer support is the best competitive advantage.

If you expect big results, you have to take bigger shots.

If you can't get feedback by the end of the week, you're not starting small enough.

Un-validating ideas is just as important as validating them.

Don't mistake ego growth for business growth.

The best employee you can hire is a great cofounder.

Real validation is real paying customers.

Startups are hard, and focusing on the wrong metrics will make it even harder.

Poor communication between cofounders can tank even a great product.

Your competition isn't other apps like yours, but your dedication to the idea.

Build a product that you want to exist, using tools you know, in a space you know.

Raising funds is easier than you think, so it's easy to raise for the wrong reasons.

If you're stuck on finding the "right" idea, just start building every idea until one feels right.

Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and the startup journey will be much easier.

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