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10 months ago

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A big difference I’ve noticed between living in NYC and Austin is: there’s more effort in NY. Life’s harder, but people work harder. More effort all around. Now, the question is is that effort worth it? But the amount of effort you see here is astronomical on daily basis.

@ScottASpecht @lexicologically @cymblue @sethjberman Do you like light bulbs? Flying? The internet? You think the creators of those things had balance?

@AimIessFriend You’re wearing a soccer team jersey, chanting your teams name. The team is owned by tech capitalists who moved from California. And the sponsor, Yeti, is a massive business (also moved here) that was owned by private equity. Good grief.

So many trigger people say “but there’s more to life! Why work hard all the time. You’re wrong!” That’s the point dufus. It’s harder to live in NYC. Never said it was good or bad. Wanna live a simple easier life? Awesome! Wanna put career first? Also cool.

@Best_Thx_Krgds I never said it was “great”?

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