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We wanna make MFM merch. But...@ShaanVP and I ain't exactly fashion people (below is our best take). Someone design us a hoodie/shirt. Has to be cool. Something I'd wanna wear and not look dumb. Post design here. Most likes wins. We'll shout u out. t.co/7UhZEGDjUh

about 9 hours ago

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yo @DougDeMuro, want to come on the pod? one of the most popular biz pods in the world. been singing your praises on the pod for a while.

about 14 hours ago

My wife needs a new family car to replace her Volvo XC90 (which we love). What are you suggestions? - Don't want flashy - under $100,000 - Not parked in garage...so charging is hard - In order of importance: safety, driver assist, not lame

1 day ago

So @dharmesh came on the pod today. Honestly, he's one of the top 3 people I admire. Here's why: He created the reality he wanted. No direct reports, ability to tinker, yet still build a massive business and wants to win. This is rare. He has a perfect combo of: - artist -… t.co/OsoPFeixrv

1 day ago

Hampton in Techcrunch! t.co/aWuOGHgTJp

2 days ago

ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm back. Last July I founded a new startup. Today I'm sharing it with the world. It's called Hampton: a highly vetted membership community for entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs. Why launch a community? I'll explain + why it'll be huge biz.

4 days ago

Just spent the day with @adcock_brett at his factory where he’s building robots. We are getting him on the pod. But remember this tweet: Brett’s new company Figure is going to be a VERY big deal in the next few years. t.co/KvzV00ZThG

7 days ago

This is a really good thread. Great great writing. More of this. I love. Now I’m buying this stuff. t.co/hCE0YhMgBW

7 days ago

Every night at 11 pm, the Sam that you know goes away. I walk downstairs and destroy the snack cabinets. Peanut butter, cookies, chips. Bear Sam crushes it all. @SaraSodineParr knows the bear came because cabinets are open and there’s a trail of chocolate chips to the bed.

9 days ago

This is so typical. A woman founds a cool startup. It’s the hottest thing going. Media builds her and the company up. Then, once it gets too popular, the media destroys the company over tiny, nitpicky crap. Shameful. t.co/iPbKWbfsTI

10 days ago