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UFC tonight. Picks: Pereira (think he can pull an upset! but not likely) Zhang, easy Poirier Gutierre Hooker All favs (i think) except Pereira.

19 days ago

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So @awilkinson is guilting me into coming to Victoria. FINE. I wanna see nature stuff and Vancouver. Will make weekend trip out of it. What's the prettiest, coolest stuff to do?

22 days ago

Anyone in Austin have a cool office that I can work out of from time to time? Wanna be around people I dig (vs a coworking space!).

24 days ago

Tinkering with Slack as a community platform. One thing I cannot figure out: how to automatically send a DM to new people as they join. You can do a bot, yes. But I want it to be a DM from me to the new member directly. Ideas?

25 days ago

I just don’t wanna read or talk about @elonmusk and his plans for twitter anymore. It’s a neat story. But..I just don’t give a shit anymore. I love soap operas. But ready for new stories.

about 1 month ago

Have been researching communities. Haven't found many examples of a community that members love (aka low churn) that also raised VC. Why: VC forces scale fast. For communities, that means "go make 2 good friends this week. Next week do 19. Then next month, 50" Very tough.

about 1 month ago

My boy dressed as a lion. t.co/2lOnJZlEAC

about 1 month ago

Hanging with the cows at my ranch. t.co/rhYrLhexb7

about 1 month ago

There's an AI tweet generator. They made tweets that I'd write. They sound just like me... Here are my favs: t.co/w6OhjHlWG7

about 1 month ago

The pod with @PalmerLuckey is live! - what it’s like selling a co for billions in your early 20s - how he invested his money - biz ideas he wanted to pursue but didn’t One of the best convos we’ve ever had.

about 1 month ago