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HIMBY > YIMBY > NIMBY Building is good, and vertical building in dense cities is better than nothing, but *horizontal* building in the middle of nowhere is better still. Burning Man has ~70k temporary units up in a few days. What could Building Man look like, if not temporary?

Btw, the concerns about sprawl come from the limits of 20th century tech. We have remote now. Set up the city for telecommute, not daily commute. We also have self-driving. City center can be walkable, with self-driving cars limited to periphery or @boringcompany tunnels.

Btw, you don’t have to literally do it on Burning Man’s playa. There are huge swaths of land in the middle of nowhere that now have Starlink. Set the filter for >4480 acres, bigger than the 7 square miles of Black Rock City: Many sites, many with water.

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