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A proof-of-reserves-and-liabilities is a subset of the more general goal of on-chain accounting. If all labeled transactions were on chain, you could auto-generate cash flow, income statement, and balance sheet. It’d be publicly verifiable too. Drill down in block explorer.

22 days ago

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Apple added a feature that’s supposed to turn your iPhone into a webcam. But right now, it just abruptly shuts off a call if you bring your phone near your computer. Here’s how to temporarily disable it: Settings → General → AirPlay & Handoff → Continuity Camera t.co/pAPHkvcK9A

22 days ago

Pagerank is one way to quantify reputation. How do we quantify trust?

24 days ago

The US government-regulated system spent $787 billion of taxpayer money bailing out the banks. Connected bankers weren’t prosecuted. And that’s before they printed trillions. We’re now exploring the alternative timeline. What if no bailouts? t.co/K0UN2BuQPo

25 days ago

Blue checks combine a few different concepts: - is this account a human? - is it unique? - is it who it says it is? - and is it important? @elonmusk can still change course, but right now his solution to the bot problem is causing a more damaging impersonation problem. t.co/l5i3PVe2vv

25 days ago

It’s very difficult to know how long sentiment will last in the modern era. The chaos of 2020 felt like a big deal at the time. Barely discussed today. Same with countless other Current Things. So, set your long-term goals and just keep steadily working towards them.

25 days ago

Four kinds of trust falling at the same time. Trust in vote counting Trust in verified tweets Trust in vouched reserves Trust in visual images Cryptographic verification is a partial solution. But also need high-trust startup societies.

26 days ago

What should we want for regulation? No bailouts, no inflation. Just key decentralization. And cryptographic verification.

26 days ago

Thing is, this also recurs on the other side. Schmitt’s friend/enemy is the same as Lenin’s who/whom. It’s the embrace of pure tribalism over universalism. What we really want is a genuine rules-based order, opt-in law that binds others as well as yourself. Hence, rule of code. t.co/Rs5aLtZDb9

28 days ago

All content moderation involves judgment calls. But those judgment calls will go another way when tech rather than woke is in power. Don’t like it? Decentralize.

29 days ago