7 habits of people who stay lean

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2 months ago

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7 habits of people who stay lean👇 How many of these do you agree with?

1. They don't eat food that bores them. They mostly eat delicious home-cooked meals using healthy, unprocessed ingredients.

2. They don’t just follow a diet - they practice mindful eating. They know when to stop, and understand the difference between hunger & craving.

3. They take time to enjoy their meals and connect with people. They don't sit in front of the TV and eat mindlessly.

4. Exercise is part of their lifestyle - not just something they do occasionally (when they feel guilty).

5. They understand that consistency is key - no fads, no shortcuts.

6. When offered unhealthy options, they usually say no. There's a time for indulgence, and it's not every day.

7. They prioritise sleep. A lack of sleep is a fast way to ramp up cravings and make poor decisions.

Any others?

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