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Don't fear eggs: - Cheap - Filling - High protein - Abundance of micronutrients - Not shown to raise LDL cholesterol t.co/godSUqmEL2

1 day ago

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Sitting all day is shortening your life. If you spend more than 8 hours a day sitting, read this. t.co/r4DJC569kY

3 days ago

To avoid losing 5-8% of your muscle mass each decade, read this. t.co/yF0onycmep

4 days ago

10 diet hacks to lose fat with ease and transform your health!👇 t.co/5KF7Psj1V4

5 days ago

10 lifting secrets that will save you from a lifetime of being skinny. 1. Less is more. Don't obliterate your muscle groups with endless sets. t.co/SCHYjPJRNE

6 days ago

My top 2 exercise picks for each muscle group (most of which can be done at home!) Pick one of each and you'll build a strong and muscular body. Thread 👇 t.co/61XgTLnnrt

7 days ago

Fat loss stopped? 7 harsh truths you need to hear that will kick-start your fat loss👇 t.co/ywR5cp7tGO

8 days ago

Some coaches will charge you $5,000 up front for a 6 month fat loss plan, then provide little support. I'll send you a 6 month fat loss plan for free if you: - Follow - Retweet this tweet - Comment "send it" below Next 24 hours only. Must be following!

9 days ago

7 habits of people who stay lean

7 habits of people who stay lean👇 How many of these do you agree with?

12 days ago

Simple 5 Step Plan for 2023: 1. Weight training 3 times per week. 2. 40% of calories from protein. 3. 10k steps per day. 4. Sleep 8 hours per night. 5. Cut negative people out of your life. You cannot fail to transform yourself if you follow those 5 simple steps.

28 days ago