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What are your views on space exploration? I am writing today on space.I have some details about it. I really don't understand why space can't connect with earth properly or why not it has been done. I'm mostly wondering the beauty of it.

I am thinking about exploring space and ship it to the moon, but it still doesn't convince me properly yet. I want to ask you what are the thoughts you have on space exploration? What do you think about it?

Is there any chance of finding life in other planets and different forms of life or even space life? What do you think can be done to explore space?

Programming and its techniques are the very essentials of technologies. People use programming languages for developing different applications. In this modern era, the programming languages are very important.

A programming language has a simple structure in which a programmer can write his codes. Here, I'm going to explain some of the most used programming languages. 1. Java

University of California in Berkeley was the first step for developing the programming languages. Java was developed by

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