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This is an awesome new thread

5 days ago

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This is gonna be a bigger thread

6 days ago

This should be fun

6 days ago

Now I'm testing this on deployed code

6 days ago

eye opening thread

Hey so this is gonna be my test thread

6 days ago

Now I'm gonna take some break from creating test data. What should I do for fun? Ok, let's start with a collection of famous Dubliners by James Stephens.

26 days ago

So what do think 2050 will look like? When we say 2050, what do you think? What trends are we likely to see? Will it look more or less like right now? What is the future of technology and where is it taking us?

26 days ago

What do you think about the current state of economy? Here is a real example what happend to us. First let's define the terms: Personal: Person/Persona

26 days ago

This is my 9th thread of the data and I'm managing some how 130k+ feedbacks with the advancement and development . These feedbacks came from 154 countries and 7,863 cities . Here I am going to give some hints to get Twitter followers with exit auto liker.

26 days ago

Now consider this, what if Twitter allowed embedding tweets without a link back to Twitter? Usually when you embed a tweet in a website we add a link back to the original article. How about when replying to a twitter post on Twitter itself?

26 days ago