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Now I'm gonna take some break from creating test data. What should I do for fun? Ok, let's start with a collection of famous Dubliners by James Stephens.

From that, I'm gonna read poems and try to write a satire about Chinese society — with twitter along the way. The way, where I wanna do it, is to use twitter's 27-word story features which is also a great way of writing a short and precious essay for your followers.

It is a kind of a blog. Also, I like to have a twitter prose and poetry. It helps me to feel twitter and to collect some words which I can combine with Python. I will see how it goes,

About this project: I would like to create a twitter satire about Chinese society and Chinese society in the 21st century. My hypothesis is that Chinese society is not objective. Also, Twitter is a convenient way to collect some words and thoughts which

I couldn't express in normal language. So, I wanna to use Twitter to share my short story about Chinese society through the 27

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