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3 months ago

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🌸 INK IN WATER REFLECTIONS 🌸 Comparing 6 Image Generators [img:tEP30eTf3]

👉Prompt: pink, red, and white inks in water to create the impression of blooming flowers, with the water reflections creating an ethereal garden [img:2O-6Q5wJII]

🌸Lexica @LexicaArt [img:y0Bi-kj_Zs]

🌸Firefly @Adobe [img:LcEDX6kT3B]

🌸Ideogram @ideogram_ai [img:9joHaMato9]

🌸Leonardo @LeonardoAi_ [img:S8D9-B3NeI]

🌸Midjourney [img:vJ2JdsCZdR]

🌸DALL•E3 (Bing) [img:N4Zc0zoEdq]

Which one do you like best? Thanks for reading. Follow @HBCoop_ to explore interesting AI Art tips from a different perspective. Repost the 1st post below to share this thread:twitter.com/HBCoop_/status/1722670430174024128

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