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3 months ago

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Tired of AI art platforms with monthly subscriptions, throttling and credit systems limiting your creativity? Generaitiv offers unlimited free generations and more: @generaitiv [img:laJZdzKY7]

Built on Web3 to benefit creators, you can securely store, license & sell your AI art. No need to rebuild your audience elsewhere. You don't need to spend a lot of money buying cryptocurrency. Contests award $100+ in crypto daily: twitter.com/generaitiv/status/1727990585389183429

Generaitiv puts the latest image/video/audio AI tools within reach of anyone. On-Platform AI Model Training goes live Nov 30th. I got early access and I was impressed with the results from my own custom generator: [img:p50zEaJ97]

Is a blockchain platform for everyone? No, of course not. But if you generate AI images, interested in monetizing and you're curious about how this works - check it out. Getting started takes seconds. Just connect your crypto wallet & create: generaitiv.xyz

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