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3 months ago

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🎇ACTION SCENE: Rugged Landscape🎇 Comparing results for the same prompt from 4 generators: [img:3C8ZAwLQd]

I used the same prompt on each image generator: [img:zoW3x3L39]

🔸REMIX @getremixai [img:dxqH5yrCc]

🔸getIMG @getimg_ai [img:CC1J8OVcQ]

🔸Leonardo: Vision XL @LeonardoAi_ [img:tSvFXMfuu]

🔸Midjourney [img:oZsmTHrcY]

Overall, they each followed the prompt well and generated similar images. You can't go wrong with vehicles in the desert! Change the car or vehicle to make it your own.

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