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21 days ago

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Why do car manufacturers still design UGLY cars? Why not make ALL of their cars look good? The reason is they’re the best copythinkers in the business. They’re using one of the biggest emotions in marketing to their advantage. >>>A Copythinking Thread🧵 <<<

Today’s story starts almost 3 years ago. I was writing a sales page that was gonna sell an Instagram growth course. And I was stuck. I didn’t know which main emotion to use. My best idea was to use jealousy as the big emotion. Why?

Because the target audience I was targeting was business women. And they were jealous. Jealous of the Kale-eating-skinny-models who uploaded half-naked photos to IG and grew a huge audience overnight. But my biz partner didn’t agree. He said there’s one stronger emotion:

Status. He said… Business women care more about status than anything else. They wanted to prove they’re good enough. • To their spouse. • Their family. • Their friends. And how do you prove that? Even better than money… Social status. What is social status?

For men it could be a nice Rolex. For these business women? It was a big Instagram account. I agreed. It made sense. So we used that as the main emotion. The sales page made $6,000 in profit on day one. He was right. But why am I telling you this?

Yesterday I asked you guys why car manufacturers still make ugly cars. Why don’t all their cars look good? Think about it. It’s not difficult to change the shape. To make it nicer. Here’s yesterday’s exercise. Read through it and move on: t.co/9KZJpIn18U

So the answer… As you’ve probably guessed already… Is STATUS. But why? It’s because if all the cars look the same… All nice… Why would anyone buy the more expensive cars? “For the NEED FOR SPEED” you could answer. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But…

The best answer is status. Men (especially) care about their social status. It’s in our DNA. From the Stone Age. Social status = Alpha male = Tribe leader = Get the beautiful females. That’s how it was. And our brain is still wired the same way. So then…

If a $20k car looks the same as a $200k car… Why would someone buy the $200k one? He wouldn’t. Because then his status wouldn’t shine as brightly. Makes sense? But there’s one more question. A more important question:

How do you do the same thing online… How do you position a product (or a line of products) to convey social status? Because if you do… You win the game. And here’s the answer to this question:

The answer is… I wanna hear your answers. I wanna see how you THINK about approaching this “problem”. Because remember… We’re copythinkers. Me. But also you. Right? So give it your best go. How do you make prospects buy a product for its’ social status?

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