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We made $186,642 from scratch with 6 pre-recorded videos. Then… A competitor appeared. And with one sharp katana-like move… Sliced the throat of our business. Our business died immediately. Evaporated. Overnight. Wanna know what our competitor did? >>> A Thread 🧵 <<<

Here’s the story. I’ll make it short. Almost 3 years ago my wife and I rented an apartment. And there’s one thing I learned from my first mentor: He said… “Learn how to make money when you spend money.” What a weird piece of advice. But here’s some context:

I joined an MLM company early on in my career. Didn’t know it sucked. But my mentor? He was A BEAST. He was making $100K/mo at the time so I wrote down every single word that came out of his mouth. He was a MASTER communicator. Here’s what he did:

Every time we’d stop at a gas station… Or a coffee shop… He used to say “learn how to make money when you spend money.” He’d stand up… Go to order… And would come back with a smile on his face and a phone number. And that phone number?

It turned into a new person he’d sign up to his business in 7 days. Anyway… Back to our story. Wife and I rented an apartment. The most expensive apartment we ever paid for. And my mentor appeared in a comic balloon in my thoughts… “Make money when you spend money…”

I saw a recording studio in the apartment. I asked who’s it was. The apartment owner answered “my son’s”. “Can I speak to him?” I asked. Long story short… Her son was a singer. And I offered him to film a course together. 30 Days later…

We had a course and an LLC which my wife and I owned 66% of. The creator had 33%. But that’s besides the point. We started marketing… BOOM! ROAS 6-7-8. We couldn’t believe our eyes. No audience. No social proof. Just good copy. We sold almost $187K and then…

The course stopped selling. I went through my “stopped-selling checklist”. • Targeting? • Load speed? • Saturation? • Technical problem? And the list goes on and on… Everything looked fine. But no sales! What do you do in such a situation? Tough one. But then…

An ad on YouTube appeared. Three minutes later? I knew EXACTLY why our course stopped selling. You see… The ad was from our competitor. A new player in the singing industry. And what he did on his sales page? We couldn’t compete with that. I’ll tell you what…

But before I do? Look at yesterday’s copythinking exercise: Now. I phrased the question in a way that the answer would be obvious to some. Others were wrong. But anyway… The answer to our copythinking exercise is what our competitor did. So… t.co/Y8GdxqNnLj

Back to our story. Competitor killed us. Remember? Here’s what he did: He had a video of himself singing on the sales page. Which is also the answer to our copythinking exercise. But don’t you dare stop reading here. Because our competitor went over the top. TWICE.

Here’s what that sleaze-bag did: He didn’t only have a VIDEO of himself singing on the page… But he also had a before-and-after of himself singing. That’s where he went over-the-top. But he did one more thing. This is what made him an unbeatable competitor:

He had a YouTube video of himself singing from 7 YEARS BEFORE. Yeah. He tracked his singing progress. And… You can’t fake that :) So people could literally go to YouTube and see that his progress was REAL. How do you compete with that? Just copy won’t do. Right? Now…

Listen. It’s super difficult to come up with those copythinking exercises for you. And to also write threads that explain the answer? Not easy my friends. So here’s what we’ll do:

I’ll slow down with the exercises. We won’t be doing them every day from now on. And at the same time I’ll think of how to explain the answer in a productive way (a thread is exhausting to write and also not as clear as I’d like it to be). But…

Here’s an offer. Take it or leave it: If you show me that you REALLY want me to keep doing the exercises daily… I’ll keep them coming. If this thread gets 600 RTs - I’ll keep doing them daily for some more time. Deal? Let’s go!

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